Las Vegas Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Some people can afford to repay some of their debts. However, they are drowning in a sea of debts and collections. Without help, they cannot get their debts under control. The Chapter 13 bankruptcy process may give them the help they need to get their finances back under control.

If you need help managing your debts and finances, you may want to take a closer look at Chapter 13. Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases have numerous benefits that can help individuals and couples struggling under the burden of overwhelming debts.

How Can a Nevada Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case Help Your Debt Problem?

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy case is a reorganization bankruptcy. You must propose a Chapter 13 repayment plan that details how you intend to restructure your debts. Most Chapter 13 plans are 60 months, but some debtors qualify for a 36-month plan.

In your Chapter 13 plan you can:

  • Catch up past due mortgage payments to avoid foreclosure;
  • Pay car loan payments to avoid repossessions;
  • Include back child support and alimony payments to avoid contempt charges and other penalties;
  • Pay back taxes and other government debts over 60 months;
  • Protect property that could be at risk in a Chapter 7 case or a collection action in civil court; and,
  • Pay less to your unsecured creditors to get rid of the total debt owed on each account.

Some individuals can get rid of second mortgages or pay less to satisfy the lien on their vehicle. We look at each of your debts to determine if we can lower the amount you must pay to satisfy the debt.

Why Should You Hire an Experienced Las Vegas Chapter 13 Attorney?

Our Las Vegas Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys have extensive experience calculating Chapter 13 plans. They perform a thorough analysis of your entire financial situation and utilize all available tools to calculate a Chapter 13 plan that proposes the lowest payment allowed by law.

We use our considerable skills developed over years of representing bankruptcy debtors to help you get rid of your debts for the least amount possible. Your payment to unsecured creditors is based on several factors. We evaluate each of those factors to see how we can lower your plan payment.

For example, non-exempt equity in assets and disposable income can increase your payment to unsecured creditors. Our attorneys use all allowable bankruptcy exemptions and income deductions to decrease the impact on your Chapter 13 plan payment. Attorneys who have less experience handling Chapter 13 cases may not understand how to decrease the impact of certain factors on a Chapter 13 plan payment.

We Are Here for You Throughout Your Case?

Our Las Vegas Chapter 13 attorneys are passionate about helping you get out of debt. We understand that things may come up during your Chapter 13 plan. We want you to know that you can contact our law firm when you have questions or concerns about your Chapter 13 case.

If your income or expenses change, you may qualify for a modification of your Chapter 13 plan payment. If your car breaks down and you need to purchase a new car, you need to get bankruptcy court approval for a new car loan. Our legal team is available and ready to help you with whatever issues or problems may arise.

We provide the support and guidance you need to complete your Chapter 13 plan. We are in your corner, and we will do everything we can to help you succeed. We want to see you finish your Chapter 13 plan so that you can discharge unsecured debts and move forward to a brighter financial future.

Call Our Las Vegas Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys for More Information

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy case allows you to take control of your finances. You can restructure your debts into an affordable plan that helps you get out of debt in the most effective, least-costly way based on your specific financial situation.

Contact our office today to schedule your free consultation with an experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Las Vegas.


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